How to start a successful job from scratch with $ 200 ( in a short way )


Away from deceiving and defrauding sites that delude users that they will send them money without getting tired. Listen, my friend, nothing beautiful comes easily. “You will not reach what you want unless you follow the hard path and if you do not like it.” “If it is so amazing that it is unbelievable, it is not real.”

Well, let’s get to the heart of the matter.. I will arrange for you what you must do next to be the owner of a “successful business” with a stable monthly income, by working, toil, and perseverance.

(Tip: Make this article a start for you and follow all the steps and links in it in detail)

1- Create your own website

Perhaps this is the most important and easiest step in your project..yes your project! Didn’t I tell you you’d pay the money? Oh well, I can’t say that your business will be a failure without capital, but if you want a really successful business and quick results, you have to allocate even a small capital, or as I read in the title, $200 will suffice “at least”…. Let’s go back to our topic “creating Your own site” In fact, it is easy, register with any site creation platform such as Blogger, WordPress or Wix and enter your data and you will have created your site or blog




2- Buy Domain & Hosting From Bluehost

Most of us know what the domain is, and we always see Godaddy/NameeShape ads everywhere, but this is an important step in which it is not useful to follow the words of the ads, in fact, the “Bluhot” company, which is an old, well-known and well-known company, despite the lack of ads, but it is the best without appropriate

To buy Domain & Hosting From Bluehost: LINK

3- Improve your visibility in search engines (SEO)

The third step is literally stealing the time of many website owners because improving your site’s seo requires a lot of effort and time as it needs an expert person, so buy a seo service from one of the sites and everything will be fine .. I advise you on Fiverr’s services, and if you want to buy At lower prices than the usual prices on the site (starting at about $ 15), you can buy from the following link: 


4- Create unique content

This step depends on you.. on your talent.. on what you love.. give others something you love and master and at the same time benefit them. I heard someone say once that if you want to succeed as a content creator, you have to “give people what they need” .. don’t say no Of course, you have something that you can benefit people with. When you know this thing well, present it to people in the form of (articles, videos, files). Provide whatever you want in any way you want, provided that it is useful.

5- monetize your content

You have many options to monetize your content, but here I recommend commission marketing.. Subscribe to any of the affiliate companies, it is a lot

If you want reliable companies, there are (Warrior Plus, jvzoo, cj) these are the best ones

6- Market professionally

There are many means of content marketing, but email marketing is one of the oldest and most successful methods, and its results are impressive and fast..Do not bother creating a list, promoting it, compiling emails, etc., just subscribe to this service on Fiverr and the matter will be completed perfectly (all services have been sorted and chosen it carefully)


That’s it.. then wait for people’s interaction with your content and the percentage that will buy the affiliate products you market for and watch your monthly income how it has become and always work to increase it. 

And after we’re done, let’s say You bought all the services at $ 15 – there are less – this means It will not exceed $ 100 and this amount can be compensated – if you follow everything in detail – in just a month

With best wishes for all your wishes come true

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