The daily routine of billionaires

 Elon Musk

 At seven he also wakes up, but he’s getting right. Elon spends half an hour reading the coffee and answering critical emails. He’s too busy for breakfast, he says. He showers, then drives to work, after he has sent his five boys to school. Sounds good for someone working up to 120 hours a week.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder, claims he gets five o’clock away from bed. For 30 minutes he meditates and three times he completes a seven-minute exercise. Afterwards, he has his coffee in the morning and inspections.

Sleeping likes Warren Buffett. He generally says he’s eight hours a night sleeping. At 6.45 am, he is reported to begin reading newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the USA Today. He wakes up.

He values his sleep, too. Jeff Bezos. He claims he’s prioritising it. But Bezos is alarmed, allegedly, waking up naturally. In the morning before lunch, he loves to have high IQ meetings, ideally at 10 am.

Many of us could not envision a coffee-free morning, but Sara Blakely could. The Spanx creator says she never got a coffee cup. It uses frozen, wild berries, dark cerries, horseback dates, spinach, coriander, fresh mint, lemon, water, ice, chia and walnuts instead. Instead, it is made up of a smoothie. Blakely attempts to get a yoga practise before her children go to school at 6.30 a.m.

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